The End

October 8, 2011
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It began like any other day
But this time there was nothing left to say
Teardrops glistened on her skin
As she let repressed memories flow back in
The silence in the room was impossible to bear
She glanced at him but refused to meet his stare
How had he made this her fault?
It felt as though he’d reopened her wound, rubbed in some salt
Her mind was filled with anger, distress, and dread
Had he ever listened to what she had said?
A new wave of memories rose.
Where he was during all those events she held so dear, no one knows.
She had been so excited for him to attend her first game.
But, of course he had the traffic to blame.
This girl was more perceptive than her father thought.
She knew what he did, he had been caught.
So now they sat across the room.
Though nothing moved, it could be compared to a tomb.
Then it happened, she threw the coffee table book.
One angry movement was all it took.
A conversation ensued.
A young girl decided she would never regain the mood.
We may never know exactly what they discussed.
But, we do know he did not gain her trust.
They haven’t spoken since, but things have gotten better.
This girl is now happy, will be forever.

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