A Penny for Your Thoughts

October 8, 2011
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The copper coin
Its edges dark and worn
Cool to the touch
Small to the sight
Insignificant as it seems
It has a story to tell

The brown leather wallet
The rose-colored porcelain piggy bank
The petite rustic, hand-carved wooden box
The small translucent ashtray that read “Take a penny, give a penny”
The colossal scarlet jute purse
The fluorescent green sock

For the middle-aged man in Mercedes, it was nothing
For the rosy-cheeked toddler with two blonde pigtails, it was everything
For the hoary woman, it was all she had
For the naïve college student, it was all he needed
For the teenage boy, it was a secret lucky charm
For the stay at home mother, it was something else to put away

Yet, here it lies
Strewn on the floor
Lost in a sea of copper
Universally Particular
One out of the many
E Pluribus Unum

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