Goodbye in a Sense

October 8, 2011
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The salty taste of sweat and tears

The stench of rotting leftovers in the fridge
The musty, stagnant aroma of the years hovering in the air

The muffled humming of the heater
The water dripping monotonously from the tap
The faint squeaking of the door

The decrepit, chipped door
The flickering, overhead bulb
The dilapidated, shabby couch
The scuffed, dented wood floors

The cool metal of the doorknob, turning slowly
The floor buckling under my feet, creaking with each step
The small, light backpack, pressing against my back, edging me onward
The moist tears freely cascading down my cheeks, reminding me why
The gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach, telling me its time to go

The crisp, minty dawn air freshens my breath
The ambrosial fragrance of budding flowers invigorate my senses
The melodious song of the early morning larks brings a smile on my face
The majestic fuchsia and bright orange of the sky shows everything the future holds
The breeze of a cool spring dawn sends shivers down my back

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