We All Know That Girl

October 8, 2011
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We all know that girl
Who hides behind that smile
The smile that stops the question
The question that stopped the caring
“What's wrong?”
She felt you didn't care
So she didn't answer.
We all know that girl
But what we don't know
Is how those scars
Appeared on her wrist
She feels she's not good enough
For anyone, especially herself.
We all know that girl
Who cries herself to sleep
She needs for you
To break down the wall
That she puts up
To see who actually will
Love, care, try, see her for who she is
The girl who is perfectly flawed
She just doesn't see it.
We all know that girl
She cries, she tries, she needs you
Will you be that one to show her you care?
Or are you that girl?
We all know that girl
Is she secretly you?

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