Your love

October 6, 2011
By Jonathon_Fine GOLD, Vinita, Oklahoma
Jonathon_Fine GOLD, Vinita, Oklahoma
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I sit and stare at the shadows of the bars that hold me
You can not see them for you are what created them
Do you not see the pain your glare causes me
Do you not understand why I stare at you
I sit and watch what I see in you and you see nothing in me
You look at me like I was a monster,a freak,a killer
I am not what you think, I know you will not believe me
But look at me, what have I done to wrong you
Why do you see me as this, why can't you believe me
I sit and stare at these bars, soils and darker than my soul
I realize I can not give you what you need
But I can try and fight for you, look at how I beg at you
You see me as nothing more than a bum who needs to pay his own way
Can you not see why I protect you, why I respect your wishes
I know what you think of me, that's why I stay so far away from you
I made you a promise that I can not bear to keep
Have you not been listening to me, all there is, is you
Look at me I am nothing but I wish to be everything to you
But I know you can't stand the thought of me making you happy
You just look at me with your hatred and wish for me to leave
I can not leave you alone not until I know what makes you happy
All I want is for you to ne happy and I know I can not give you that
Why can't you see these bars that imprison me are
The bars of your love....

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