Broken Promise

October 6, 2011
I am here again
I made a promise to let go of you
But it seems my heart keeps holding on to you
You do not understand I wish to let go of you
But everytime I am around you I feel happiness a feeling that I had lost
Every time I look at you I see what is beauty
And I see it as my duty to protect you
I try so hard to let go of you but my heart is so strong
It is such a shame I can not be better for you
Now I sit with a broken promise that fills my heart with pain
I wish to be better for you and that I could keep this promise
But I can not keep a simple promise
I know I put shame to your name by speaking of this
But what I'm I suppose to do I will never have you
And even if so I would lose you
I wish it could be the way you want
But I can not defeat my heart
I can walk away from anything expect these feelings I have for you
The pain it puts me though oh how I wish I wish
To be with you to be better for you to be everything to you
Bit this can not be
So can at least hope to die for you
Oh how I love you.......

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