I am me

September 30, 2011
By Anonymous

I am who I am

I cannot be change or remade.

I’m from Michigan where the seasons change.

Where the people also change too.

I am me, I’m 17.

I am from love.

But I always seem to get heartbroken.

I am from happiness

But sometimes the world changes my smile.

I am from honesty.

But people full of lies in my eyes.

I am me, Young and 17.

I am tall.

I love shop to shop all the malls.

I am fine as a glass of wine.

I am cool.

Just like the fan.

I am single.

But I don’t need man

I am me

I am pretty.

I am from earth

Where every works.

I am from patience

But everyone seems to rush through things.

I am a star.

But I’m not in the sky.

I am the mountains.

Because sometimes I have mood swings.

They are up and high.
Now who are you.

The author's comments:
Talking about my life.

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