Melodie von Liebe (Melody of Love)

September 30, 2011
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Now our hearts are changing,
Filled with love and feelings.
Take my hand, don’t leave me.
The story has just begun.
I touch your lips of addiction; it’s like the best high,
The broken heart becomes whole.
Lips of an angel consume me like a rage.
Don’t let me fade away,
Take my hand; I’ll hold you close,
Our bodies touch; it’s such a rush,
Two together as one, harder then pulling the trigger of a gun.
But, love as deadly as one. It’s so fun,
I hope we are never done.
I wish this feeling wouldn’t ever end,
We can’t be just friends,
You have my heart it’s not a lend.
I’ll love you until the end.
I’m not going to pretend that this is perfect,
Everyone makes mistakes.
Ich liebe dich für immer mein Engel
(I love you forever my angel)
Ihre immer ist alles, was ich brauche
(Your forever is all that I need)

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