Human's Rage

September 30, 2011
By AnarchyUnbound PLATINUM, Norwich, Connecticut
AnarchyUnbound PLATINUM, Norwich, Connecticut
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Rage.....such a strong emotion.

But so devastating because it

can lead to making a mistake.

If you can control your rage,

then you'll be fine.

But if you cannot,

You will do things

you will regret.

Some will say "F*** the world"

Some will say "F*** it, I'm done"

and the ones who control it

will say "It's whatever."

I (Ink) cannot control the rage

within and so I release it by screaming

as loud as I can in the wilderness.

All I can say is do not let

the rage take over you and

let it make you screw up.

The author's comments:
Anger shouldn't control your life.

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