What Are Daddies For?

September 30, 2011
By Anonymous

I wish it all made sense now, everyone tells me that it should.
Why you stopped searching for me, the only reason that you would.
Yet even with these answers, even with the proof,
I am still dumbfounded, sitting here aloof.

So tell me why you lied to me, tell me why you cried.
Tell me why you won't talk, tell me why you hide.
Is it because you're greedy, is it because you're cruel?
Is it because you feel down, making me the fool?

Aren't daddies supposed to love their kids, aren't they supposed to be kind?
Or are they supposed to beat them and then manipulate their mind?
Tell me what daddies are for because I am clueless.
Cause all my life you tricked me and told me that I was worthless.

I thought I was your little girl, I stuck there by your side.
Even when you proved me wrong, I still managed to try.
I've always tried to make you proud, I wanted you to care.
But I was never good enough and you were never there.

I sit here now and wonder, what did I do to you?
I never meant to bring you down, I never even knew.
But now the truth comes out, now I know what I am.
I am just a measly check that falls into your hand.

It still does not make sense to me, that 17 years can mount,
And all you think of me is a few dollars in your account.
What am I now to you, now that my check is gone?
Oh I know the answer, I am just a night gone wrong.

Don't worry about me daddy, I am doing fine.
I only have a lifetime worth of getting over this easily broken line.
I know I'll never be good enough, I know I am a burden.
Thanks to you I'll know these things until my life comes to an end.

I only have one last thing to say, and this thing is true.
No matter how much you hate me I will still love you.
That may just be stupid, and I know that you could care a less,
But I am not the same as you and at that I will digress.

The author's comments:
My dad and what he really thinks of me.

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