Chewing Gum

September 30, 2011
By tannerflake BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
tannerflake BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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I am merely a piece of gum.
Not an apple, nor a plum.
So here I lie, on the ground.
Lost forever, never to be found

I used to live in a cozy box.
My brothers and I, all solid blocks.
The woman kept us in her purse.
Not to be opened, not immersed.

Our box felt like a paper shield
This made us sure that she would yield
The horrible things that happened outside.
Made us grateful we could hide.

That’s when it happened, we saw the light.
We could neither squirm nor fight
For we were gum, and nothing less
That’s when my wrapper, she did undress

My friends all screamed, it was no use.
Because I was leaving, with my wrapper loose.
This next part was not a pleasure.
Pain beyond one could measure

She chewed me up for about an hour.
Till she claimed that I was sour.
So after class she spit my out.
I was on the ground, without a doubt

So that has been my resting place.
Nobody to even see my face.
My brothers, in a box, safe and sound.
While here I lie, on the ground

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