Oh Snap...It's a Trap

September 30, 2011
By Kennedy7127 BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Kennedy7127 BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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Just think, it’ll feed my entire brood
How can I get this yummy food?
If I could bring it home, it would be like Christmas Day.
All the little mice would surely shout, “Hurray!”

For I am a mouse obsessed over this cheese.
Every time I smell it, I go weak in the knees.
Yet, sadly, this cheese is a trap…
Because if I took it, the trap would go SNAP!

I sit gazing; I am a curious cat;
Certain that eating it would make me one fat rat.
Maybe, just maybe, I can get it this time.
To just let it sit there is surely a crime.

I now can hear the cheese, calling my name,
Saying, “Quick, Mouse, come now, eat me, I pray.”
The drool is dripping down my chin,
Knowing sadly, this temptation shall win.

For I am a mouse obsessed over this cheese
Why do I have to go weak in the knees?
I am sprinting after it, trying to catch my breath
Pondering, “Why am I running toward my death?”

I reach for the cheese, thinking in my head,
That the SNAP to come will signal I’m dead.


Oh me, oh my, oh joyous day!
It seems that I have gotten away!
I run back to my clan as quick as a dart
With cheese in my mouth and pride in my heart!

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