Looking Glass

September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

You saw who I was
When I hid from view
I found comfort
From you
I thought it could
Never be

You looked for
The person you knew
When you found that
You were overjoyed
But it wouldn't be

My heart, I had
Left with you
Though neither of us
Knew what I had done
You thought we could
Never be

I held close to what
I thought was true
You opened my
Eyes to a new perspective
One I thought had
Never been

I loved being with you
You gave me a freedom
That I couldn't
With anyone else

I tried others
But you were what
I was looking for
All along

Through my own folly
And disbelief
I may have lost you
If I could but see you
Maybe, just maybe

But no
That will never be
I will never look
Into your clear dark eyes
I will never
Again hear
Your laugh

I missed so much of
Your life
Before I met you
And now I have missed
So much more
Now that I have
Left you

Those days of
Sitting with you
Laughing with you
Arguing with you
Working with you
They are gone now

Those days exist
In my fading memories
Those days when I
Could hide myself
From everyone
And you would find me

I know there are those
Who would have me
For their own
But I would rather
You have me than them

There are those who think
They know me
There are those who think
I should trust them
There are those who think
That I am theirs

They don't know me
How can a wounded man
Trust those
Who wounded him?
I belong to no man
I belong to no woman
I belong to only one

And oddly enough
I do not even
Belong to you
The one I belong to
Is the one who healed me
Is the one who held me
Is the one who knew me
Before you

You saw me as I was
With my wounds and
My insecurities
You saw me as not even
I see me

For that
I thank you
My friend
For I fear
My friend is all you
Will ever be

In a way this is
A goodbye
To all the things
We did
To all the nostalgic
Memories we made

This is a goodbye
To you
As I thought you were.

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