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From Your Baby Girl

September 23, 2011
By Anonymous

When I'm sitting in class I think,
Memories that don't disappear when I blink.
Some memories I try to forget,
Others are just memories of regret.
Thoughts that were horrible,
Some even unbelievable.
Tragic childhood flashbacks,
Bring tears that I promised I would lack.

Why did those years have to be a war,
Why was it the only time I saw you, you walked out the door.
Out into a child free place,
It's bad I hardly recognized your face.
Eleven years went by,
All those years you didn't even try.
My sleepless nights,
Were filled with my frights.

Your were there when others were around,
Then once they left you were no where to be found.
I still cry from those days,
From all the things you didn't say.
I wake up to see if you were there,
And you were no where.
Am I part of your world?
From, your baby girl.

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