torn apart:(

September 23, 2011
By beccababy SILVER, Frankton, Indiana
beccababy SILVER, Frankton, Indiana
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haters hate lovers love

This pain,it shatters me
It grabs my heart and tugs
My broken heart has no escape
I scream and cry, no one hears me
nothing but a faint echo of the pain replies back to me
The voices I hear,they tell me that I am insane
They pull at my soul
contemned I feel
Sorrow filling me head to toe
hope fades away faster than I can blink
The very air I breathe dissolves
Leaving me feeling like a fish out of water
They see me, they do nothing
This pain is merciless, and ruthless
Agonizingly painful is the words they spit at me
They tear me down
and rip me apart
Laying here feeling more helpless than ever
Then realization occurs saying "your all not alone!"

The author's comments:
I have lost about everythang in this world and i want people to know that whatever happens to you its not a big mountain to climb its smaller than a grain of sand you can get through anything :)

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