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stuck in the memories

September 23, 2011
By -tamara- BRONZE, Dubai, Other
-tamara- BRONZE, Dubai, Other
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"words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together." :) taylor swift

those memories were few
the once spent with you..

id rather term them rare
once, id love to spare

people like you, so lively, so true
life gives very few...

id love to keep you mine forever,
your 1 sweet possession I wanna loose never.....

yet life dats so heavenly,
doesn't take tI'me to turn devilish too

fate-dat sweet thing, which got us 2geda,
well, dats wat is separating us 4eva...

but, let go last few days,y tok in sorrows
who noes,we myt meet up smewer tomorrow....

I'm leaving you, our sweet memories behind
hope someday u think abt dat lovely tym....

for now, lets live for da present,
4get da past and hope for the best future.....

for I promise you, memories, sweetheart
bad or good- always stay with you........

The author's comments:
it was strange meeting this person,weird in a way... but he's left a mark in my life now, he's the kind of person without whoom my life is incomplete.....but i'll learn to move on, pretend that he's dead.......cuz otherwise there's no other way..... :/

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