Life is a Mountain

September 23, 2011
By mrlandwehr BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
mrlandwehr BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Life is a mountain,
Filled with rough edges and rock slides,
And only a few straight paths to the top.
You never know what you may encounter on this mountain,
But you’re willing to take the risk.
You’re willing to make the climb,
Because it just might be worth it in the end.
The thought of what you may reach at the top,
Is the only thing that keeps you climbing.
The crackling of the stray rocks as they drop down below,
Make you start to question the path you’ve chosen.
But when you start to doubt yourself,
Hope whispers for you to keep on climbing.
Because no matter how hard that climb may be,
The feeling you get when you reach that peak,
Is a feeling that not even I can begin to speak.

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