Fire and Ice

September 23, 2011
By mrlandwehr BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
mrlandwehr BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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You and me,
we’re like fire and ice.
You’re everything I hate to be,
But let me give you some advice.
You treat people as if they don’t matter,
Your words hit them like a knife in the back.
And if you don’t learn to stop with all the mean chatter,
Then friends is what you’re going to lack.
I’ve put up with you for four years now,
And I’ve finally decided that you’re not worth my time.
I wish I could make others see, but I just don’t know how,
You’re insults should be considered a crime.
But the thing that hurts me the most,
Is that you were the one who was supposed to stick around.
And the fact that we used to be so close,
Is the only thing keeping me around.

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