September 23, 2011
By mrlandwehr BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
mrlandwehr BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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You are my kryptonite.
My weakness, my Achilles heel.
I can’t stand being in the same room with you,
without the butterflies taking flight in my stomach.
Every time you smile at me and our eyes meet at even gaze,
my stomach drops to my toes.
Every time your skin touches mine,
my heart starts racing because you take my breath away.
But its not just the things you do that make me love you.
It’s who you are, and its who I am when I’m around you.
It’s the guy I see when I look at you,
not the mask that you cover your face with to hide your true self.
It’s who you make me want to be.
You are everything I could ever want.
I love you, with everything in me.
With every piece of me, with every nerve ending,
with every bone in my body.
But do you want to know the catch?
You don’t know any of this.
Because I could never tell you.
Because I can never have you.
You are my kryptonite.
You’re no good for me,
And I’m no good for you.

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