False friend

September 22, 2011
By PerfectlyBroken SILVER, Olathe, Colorado
PerfectlyBroken SILVER, Olathe, Colorado
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I won't be a pawn
in your twisted games.
I won't play a part
in your spiteful ways.

like a lioness on the prowl
you will find another victim.
Intentions always foul.
You will start to constrict them.
Like in angry snake,
asphyxiating prey,
laugh as bones break.

I won't sympathize
with your crocodile tears.
I now realize
the devil wears cashmere.

I'll feed your fears
instead of your vile desires.
You have breathe like gasoline,
words like fire.

You're a rose with thorns
tipped in cyanide.
Your not a butterfly,
just a sordid parasite.
Sucking the innocent dry.

I won't be another casualty.
It has come to an end.
One thing is certain,
you were never my friend.

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