I Wouldn't Be Anywhere But Here

September 22, 2011
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The light shined through the swaying trees,
A testament to life's wealth, nature's matrimony,
My senses grew dull, and my wonder increased,
The beauty of it all, even leaves deceased,
Staring unto the heralds of a serene fall day,
Oh, patron of problem wander elsewhere , concerning who you may
There is no room for you here, leave me and the nature that puts me at ease,
A lazy dance of the branches to the music of the leaves,
I could no longer bear the weight of my affection for,
This array of beauty and peace so simple, yet experienced in only stories before,
Down my cheek it went, motivated by things in this life still pure,
An unfamiliar friend, a sign of life, the happiness tear,
This ancient feeling crept forward, something so clear,
Should I be somewhere lively, pretending this and saying that , activities less than sincere,
No, for this moment of forever, I wouldn't be anywhere but here.

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