Mama Mama Bahari

October 8, 2011
“Mother Mother Sea” in Swahili

Mother Mother Sea,
You are the mother of all;
You are the precious mother who is wondrous, beautiful, and mysterious.

You graciously give us food for our starving bellies.
You, like an old grandmother with lines of age etched into her skin, tell us about the past.
You generously give up your resources to satiate our greed.

Queen of All That Is Pure,
You fascinate me to no end and leave me always in awe of your endless beauty and complexity.
Forever I will love you as I do my own life,
and give you respect and praise until that life ends.

Your waves, like arms, reach out to us, calling us in to your caressing embrace.
You are feared and loved, O Lady With the Sparkling Blue Eyes;
But you deserve more credit than you are given.

Princess of The Pirates,
Your waters are the trophy of the earth.
They are the pride of God and the joy of men.

You are the mother of all.

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