My Last Words

October 8, 2011
By Anonymous

If I could take back all the tears I never should have cried;
I'd use them as ink to write a letter of all the things I've held inside.
If I could, I would, but some things are better left unsaid...
So, I'll just write this letter and perhaps burn it before it's ever read..
As I expose all the things I've held inside, things I've never spoke aloud,
Reasons upon reasons to end my life, creating quite a crowd.
As I recall all the times I let the world get under my skin...
I hope I can discover a way to keep them from getting beneath it again.
Maybe when I'm finished, I'll feel the weight lifting from my chest, taking flight.
But if I still feel the way I do now, I'll be the one vanishing before everybody's eyes.
All I've got is not enough, but then again, when has it ever been?
There's a piece of paper, a lighter, and my trembling hand; holding a pen:
getting ready to expose the things I can't handle, the things I've held within.
Behold, here I go, about write the truth in ink, for every one to see.
And when I'm done, I'll use my lighter to set fire to everyone, including me.

The author's comments:
This poem is based on a book I'm in the process of writing about a girl who is contemplating suicide because of all the pain she's been forced to feel in her life.

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