Bittersweet Love

October 7, 2011
Black as night,
Beautiful as the sun,
Cold as snow,
Warm as summer,
Light as a cloud,
Heavy as a boulder,
Love is confusing,
Love is easy,
Love has its own mind,
You decide your love.
Pure as water,
Fragile as glass,
Where will love take me
Winding road,
Straight road,
What is love
But a confusing path
Led by your heart?
Is love strong
Or weak?
Do we decide
Or not?


Rhymes with dove,
Gentle and kind,


Rhymes with shrive
Liar and mean
I’m lost,
I’m lost,
Where is my love?
Has it left me behind?
My love,

My love,
Where have you gone?
Please come back!
I believe in the good,
No longer the bad,
Love is beautiful,
Love is warm,
Love is light,
Love is easy,
Love is pure,
Love is possible
Only if I believe.
I believe!

I believe!
So, love come to me!
Come follow me now,
I am worthy,
I am faithful,
Choose me now.
My love is real
… As of now.

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