October 7, 2011
By Jms111 GOLD, Rosamond, California
Jms111 GOLD, Rosamond, California
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What is this life I’ve made for myself?
This one-way mirror has me question
My decisions, every intention
It seems as though I’m lost
Take my hand
Take my hand
Better yet, Grab hold of my throat
These words, break you and I
Shatter them
Can’t you see?
We were made for this
And if I ever stray
I won’t be too far away
from you dear
Why do I take the sharpest turns?
I set this life on fire, still smiling
Trying to hide the burns
It seems as though I’m reaching for something more
Take my hand
Take my hand
Lead me beyond this wilderness
Show me that there’s meaning to all this loneliness
Do I make it out in the end?
Will my ashes leave behind something to apprehend?
I can only hope

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