October 5, 2011
By GeoffG. BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
GeoffG. BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I am from the south
But live in the north.
I am an
Outdoorsmen since the age of five, but
Eleven in my heart
Thirty nine in my head. I am full of experience,
But gained this by going to the darkest depths of this man made hell.
But I fought back with fire, not normal fire the kind that burns in my heart
And gives me the warmth and protection when I’m lost and cold.
I am broke
but not shattered,
I am unbeatable
At my own game that I create and force you to play every time
you open your mouth to speak to me.
I am loving of the simple life pleasures that you take for granted.
I am heartless but I think with my heart,
but I do not feel a heart pump for the reasons of
My eyes seeing these things I did not want to see
wishing that my eyes where being deceived
Making your nightmares my reality.
I am indestructible
because what has killed most I have walked though and away with merely scratches and bruises,
I stand tall though the hurt and the pain,
So try and avoid this game. I’m defined by what people say when they look at me by the way I dress just because I don’t look my best and don’t were a sweater-vest people don’t know me before you run and hide come talk to me a you wouldn’t believe how nice I can be. This poem is making me hungry to write another,
maybe in which a time we’ll all come together I am red white and blue
I am me
Who are you?
I am not just a shadow on the wall or floor,
I am not this pencil but a wielder of a fictional sword.
I am left behind but still alive and breathing fighting for this last breath
I’m in love because she didn’t make me love her
I am in my own little world far from yours.
In my own non original words...
I am Legend.

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