Family Matters

October 5, 2011
By michaeljb BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
michaeljb BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I am an only child,
have been forever,
thought I would be forever.
Showered with love
down from my
grandmother and my grandfather
to my mom and my dad,
my aunts and uncles.

We like to do
many activities as a family.
Fishing and boating with my grandfather,
football and baseball games with my dad,
and playing with my two little cousins.

Ever since I was young,
I’ve always had a close bond
with my family.
We always help
whenever we’re needed,
we do all that we can
to help the one who needs it most.

We get together very often
mostly on holidays,
and Easter,
but you can’t forget all the birthdays.
We love seeing each other
at our gatherings.
All the talking we do,
the bonding we have,
and laughter we share.

Everyone always brings
something to the party.
Be it food,
a gift,
a story,
or a smile.
No cares what it is
as long as the person is there.
Everyone is different,
that’s what we love about it.

I’m a kid from the fields,
the diamonds,
and courts.
I’ve grown up playing playground ball,
with people I thought were men at the time,
because they towered over me.
I never gave up, and told them to never go easy.
I grew up playing all the sports possible,
but over the years I’ve dwindled it down,
to the two I’ve played the longest, and originally loved.

My first love,
is the one I remember since I was young.
I started when I was 5, and I was barely bigger
than the bat I had to swing.
I started with my dad by my side,
and I’ve gone all the way through
to high school.

My first varsity game
was a very special one for me.
But the one I will remember the most,
is the one against Kimberly.
A top-5 team,
and I came away with the only run batted in,
In the whole game,
we won 1-0.
That was the day,
we felt like a band of brothers,
I was no longer
an only child.

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