What If What Ifs

September 30, 2011
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What does it mean
When you dream about someone?
Are our dreams trying to tell us something?
If we go to the movies,
Does that mean we’re
“just friends?”
If you wrap your arm around me,
And hold my hand until I
Fall asleep, does that mean
We belong together?
If I’m walking down the
Alter, and it’s your face I see,
Does that mean you’re mine,
Forever and always?
But what if I go
To the movies and you never show up?
What if you hold me
Close, your arms around me,
And you’re not there
When I wake up?
What if I plan our wedding for months,
Just to find out that’s not what you want?
All you really wanted was
My best friend?
What if “what if’s” ran our lives?
Changed our minds,
Or made our decisions?
Don’t think “what if;”
Instead, think “why not?”

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