As the World falls Apart

October 3, 2011
By mariahdances GOLD, Torrance, California
mariahdances GOLD, Torrance, California
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You blow your opportunities like a lit candle
I guess they were to hot to handle

I can’t imagine the passion when the fire ignites
As it casts a bight light in the moonlight

I can’t tell you if it’s right, but if it’s wrong
I guess that means I don’t wanna be right

I can stay up all night and watch the fireworks
Burst, across the sky
As it slowly starts to fall apart and feel just like the 4th of July

I might be a firework, but you’re the spark that gets me going
You’re the reason why I haven’t drown, my boat’s still rowing

It’s okay to feel scared, as long as you’re not choking on air
I want to apologize for saying I don’t care

Look me in the eyes when I lie saying “No, I’m fine”
When I’m dying inside

The deepest feelings are the most difficult to hide

Then again, why am I hiding?
I’m to afraid to tell you how I really feel

I whether pretend that the feeling aren’t real
Pretend that I don’t have a heart

While I stand here with no fear
As the world falls apart

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