The Show Must Go On

October 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Is it wrong that I feel embarrassed, I feel careless
Look at these murderers, look at these selfish terrorists

Hurting innocent people, thinking now it’s equal
But the movies not over till you watch the sequel

Why can’t it just be peaceful? I thought all men were created equal
Why can’t we represent love and peace like The Beatles?

Why are we overdosing on illegal drugs, and shooting up with dirty needles?

I thought Americans were supposed to do better when, but again that was a long time ago
To show the other countries we’re about more than fattening food and drug overdosing

I’m not sugar-coating, anything that’s meant to be tart
I can’t lighten anything that was meant to be dark

I’m not taking anything back, there I said it
These words are naked, but I’m not the one who undressed them

These disgusting pedophiles and kidnappers
Saggy jeans and caps turned backwards

These untamed animals deserve to be locked in cages
Cooking and cleaning, only making minimum wages

We’re laughing and clapping, like we’re watching monkeys on stages

We’re so entertained, to our delight
So perform some more, we’ll be here all night

So I hope you got some energy, as the hours go on
Keep it up, the show must go on

The author's comments:
Life goes on, even when you stop.

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