We Collide

October 3, 2011
By Anonymous

It’s the feeling of disrespect and neglect
When I die, I will resurrect
From the dead and punish these cowards for there sins
These fellas are sick, time for a taste of there own medicine

Wear a disguise, it’s not your fault they don’t know it’s you
Lie, their the dumb one for thinking it’s the truth

Ima treat my talent like a drug and abuse it
Ima squeeze the life out of it, form it into a BMW and ride it

And right beside me in Clyde, I guess that means I’m playing Bonnie tonight

And we’re on the run, I’m gunning the engine
We got tape, guns, and extention- cords

We’re mad and evil, sick and lethal
Stealing and robbing, driving illegal

We’re the sickest duo since Bad meets Evil

I don’t know if I can say that
But I already did

I can’t take it back, I wrote it in pen
Every star in the sky must represent a sin

The sky is dark as washed denim
Take the moon and sun, the whole Solar System

There are so many stars, just look up on the sky
And if it ever gets confused, just ask yourself why

We collide

The author's comments:
opposites attract, right?

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