October 3, 2011
By Matts BRONZE, Clifton, Virginia
Matts BRONZE, Clifton, Virginia
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I stumble through darkness,
Searching for light.
I find in flesh glowing orbs,
Small, meek, and bright.

I feast on fireflies,
I toast them every night.
Their presence paints the shadows,
A heavenly respite.

When dawn does break,
Out of sight they fly.
Leaving me,
To bid goodbye.

Glowing orbs, to my yet delight,
Can be kept in glassy jars.
Hours I can sit and stare,
Enjoying false stars.

Never have I seen sun,
Despite my thirst for light.
Jars do dim and fade,
Leaving blackest sight.

Such pleasures, I indulge,
Fail time again.
Glowing joy, blurred time,
Is a dying friend.

Sun is a fiery sight,
Burning blurred eyes.
Painful day gives no light,
I feast on fireflies.

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