October 2, 2011
By Viphamsmileyface SILVER, Higland, New York
Viphamsmileyface SILVER, Higland, New York
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Writing eases my suffering... writing is my way of reaffirming my own existence.

There's nothing like feeling empty

Sad on a cold October night..

Realizing that i have nothing left

But a sad

And empty goodbye

Left on a broken tray

Filled with happy memories

Fun nights

And awesome dates..

I realize that this is what i get

Noticing that my pain is cause only by me

I sat here

Outside, Alone

Waiting for something to happen

A call

A text..

A miracle..

I look up at the stars

As if they were my only friends

Realizing that they'll always be there

No matter what..

I look at my watch

Realizing that it's another day

Wasted in pain

And emptiness

I'm cold

Somewhat broken inside

I have nothing left..

No one to hold

To love

To say "I love you" to at night

Or to hug..

All i know now is that somewhere in heaven

Is my heart

My love

Holding someone else..


Better then me..

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