I'm Here

September 28, 2011
By haylayy BRONZE, Crawfordsville, Indiana
haylayy BRONZE, Crawfordsville, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
sick of crying, tired of trying, yes im smiling, but inside im dying

Look me in the eye and tell me what you see.
A brave soldier or a crying little kid?
Losing you is a thought that shouldn’t be thought about.

You’re a miracle in a million different ways,
But cancer overtook the best of you.

I kept my promise that you would never see me hurt
By what the doctors couldn’t fix.
You never saw me cry,
And you never saw me beg God to make you better.

Just hold my hand,
Until that moment you’re gone.
I know you’ll be forever away,
But still here in our hearts.

You won’t be alone through this journey.
I’ll be here for you.
Trust me:
“I’m Permanent”

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