Who I am Today

September 28, 2011
By Anonymous

I know i may be young and its hard to understand, But my life is printed clear like footsteps in the sand. I know what you have done for me in every single way, I think of who you made me and that's who I am today. I've grown up so much and been through everything it takes. I pride myself in learning from all my past mistakes. You've been with me through everything and from what i can recall, Every...time you'd pick me up whenever I would fall. You introduced me to that boy I thought he was the one. I let him take and take and take until it was no fun. You pulled me through the dark-side and told me he was wrong. You showed me I was beautiful and convinced me I was strong. Then you threw more obstacles to test my strength and will. I refused to let the monster in cuz I knew that drugs would kill. I tried to pass my wisdom from you onto my friend, But she was too far gone that I couldn't make it end. Then you showed me a group of girls so separate at our hearts, And soon enough we joined together and that's where my story starts. The past is so distant and I thank you in every way. Everything you put me through made me who I am today.

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