Life and Death

September 28, 2011
By Amanda_2013 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Amanda_2013 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Life is full of many things,
Especially opportunities.
Life is filled with obstacles,
While death itself is an obstacle.
The grim reaper represents death,
Cause he takes the souls and lives of many.

Life has 3 ways to go to me.
One way is the path of good,
Second is in between both good and evil,
Finally there is the path of (bad) darkness.

Death also has 3 places to go.
One place is heaven,
Another is limbo,
And lastly there is hell (the realm of Satan).

Death is the final,
Most major obstacle of life itself.
To me hell has 7 levels,
The 7th level is the most horrifying level of them all.
You could end in any of the 7 levels,
But it depends on you actions.

Life can take you to either of the following 3.
One is heaven,
Another is limbo,
Or whatever you would call the in between of heaven and hell,
Then there is hell.
So choose your paths and actions wisely.

The author's comments:
IN this poem it talks about life and death. It mentions three places that are possible to end up at after you die but it isnt really a religious deal its more like just an opinion of where people may end up after they die. I have no religion n this poem just was written of the top of my head. this poem just came to me after i had lost two family memebers that cared for me the most and i cared for them. so i dont actually dedicate it to them cuz it is just a poem that i dont think is the best i can do. i think i can do better if i try.

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