September 30, 2011
By Anonymous

Rumors go around,
Tears fall down,
People get hurt,
And some feel like dirt.
Sarah trust Sally,
But Sally told Cher,
About Sarah’s little scare.

Scared to talk to Tim,
Sarah Really like him,
Thanks to Cher,
And telling Tim,
Now caused him
To laugh and grin.

Everyday kids made fun,
Sarah really just wanted to run.
Run far away
Till they all would
Just leave her the way
It used to be.

Four months went by
And Sarah felt alone
Everyone knows
About her crush,
Not a friend to talk to,
Not even her family could understand.

Ate lunch alone too, cried a bunch until
2AM January 4th
Sarah gave up,
And had enough.
The rumor spread and never stopped.

She thought and though,
But now her decision was clear.
Sarah B. Parker
Will die Right here.

No one knew
She felt this way
People felt guilty
Day after day.

Tim, Cher, and Sally
Were the worst of them all
Betraying their friend
And sadly
Letting her fall.

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