Home (A Perspective Poem)

September 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Alone in my own sick world.
Wondering why I am still stuck here.
Figuring out all the possibilities,
But always going back to square one.
The same old routine repeats over and over
But no help arrives at my door.
Wondering if I am the only one who is all alone.
Wondering if I am the invisible one.
Here I am.
Just stuck in this dark room of mine.
Trying to save my own soul out of this darkness.
Failing and failing again.
Slowly giving up.
Finding no hope for me to live anymore
And then that one day came to me in an instant.
A bright light shone and I followed it.
The more I walked, the more blinding it got.
Thinking that I would get absolutely nowhere,
I hear birds chirping and the cool wind running through my hair.
Looking around in amazement at the sight of everything.
Everything that I was missing out on for years
Finally in front of my eyes.
The place where I was truly meant to be.
Finally free from my own suffering.
Finally free of my own darkness
And embracing my new reality of relief.

The author's comments:
My boyfriend's uncle died recently. This poem is about his death. I wanted to write in a way to try to show what he went through. He was very sick and there was really nothing that could be done to make him better again. He suffered from dementia and a bunch of strokes. I will never what he was really like, but I tried to write a poem about his last days in his perspective.

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