The Day The World Ran Away

September 22, 2011
When everything falls apart
I look behind me into the smoking shadows.
The abyss of shame and terror formed in crumbling ruins.
Collected sighs
Hover near the rubble

I see two figures -
No, only one.
Walking alone through a hall of broken mirrors.
A ghost of a soul
With tiresome eyes and
Trodden eyebrows.
I weep
For she must be lonely.

Her voice, though...

She cries out to the sky
That is thousands of ages away.
She whispers to the bones of lost memories.
She laughs into the caverns
That surround her seemingly hellish existence

She smiles at her reflections
In that hall of broken mirrors

"You are my star," she says.

And the world stands still
To look back again.

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