This feeling

September 30, 2011
By Nessa SILVER, Sugarland, Texas
Nessa SILVER, Sugarland, Texas
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im feeling restless
i guess this
is what love
feels like
a wrong so right
my eyes despite
their color
reflecting a hunger
for you
that keeps me up
at night
tossin and turnin
just thinking
that this just might
be a feeling
that i have to fight
the subject of my
constant contemplation
on whether or not
im crazy
or just addicted
to the warm elation
in your presence
that consumes me
like the sun
the devastation
if i cant be
the one
the only
to feel the light
when you touch me
its fright
but enlight
how in the dark
you guide me
beside me
with your light
so bright
i cant see past you
this is right
i just know it
before you i'd never been
so full
of life
joy in my life
it's like a gravitational
towards you
turning me
upside down
taking me backwards and forwards
my days
that i spend in a haze
cause i cant see anyone
but you
and when youre not around
im blind
dont know where to run to
even though i know
where my heart's tryin
to run to
wishing the butterflies
you give me
could lead me to you
wishing that the rain
could come down
and ease the heat
i feel for you
put out the flame
the need for you
to be next to me
as i search
for the best in me
to give you reason
without doubt
to keep investin
in me
cause we both know
anyone else
would be less cause
i know you feel
that chemistry
i know that you believe
in me
when i say
me and you fit perfectly
this feeling says youre
meant for me
im sure that
this need
this want
is exactly
this feeling
just has to be,

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