you have a way...

September 30, 2011
By trinity_brown BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
trinity_brown BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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You have a way doing this thing with your hand ,

when your hearts feeling lonely it finds its way to mine ,

feeling your heartache in my palms ,

staring in those lonesome eyes and seeing flashbacks of death yet you still seems to stay calm,

there's something about you i just still don't seem to get,

your still perfect even when reality took the greater hit,

your heart goes with no attention of the next beat,

living thru heaven and hell still winning over life when nearly all had to cheat,

playing your game till you could go back to the day that you and I would meet,

Why is it its seems your telling yourself falling down is the only thing that will ever make you happy,

leaving yourself at rock bottom i,When truth be told,there's no such thing as lonely.

tonight's the night i feel with no attention of getting back up ,

it was the night fate wanted me to close my eyes and keep them forever shut,

beats became faster as my breathe was held longer,

then as they became slower knowing this night would only make my stronger,

as you told me i have a way with doing this thing with my hand,

when your hearts feeling lonely it finds it way to mine .

that's because when i have you near me death isn't all that scary.

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