venting helps me breathe

September 27, 2011
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there is an ache inside my heart

and a break inside my thoughts

i pace back and forth

through the hallways of my confused heart

everytime i think im growing stonger ,

i close my eyes and im haunted by nightmares and memories that push me back futher

i hear enemies call my name

there paths i can not cross, for into their traps i will fall

my mistakes, my pain i feel will haunt me till in my grave i lay.

morbid thoughts fill my mind

when i lay to sleep, peacefull dreams is not what i see

flashbacks of nighmares before my eyes

i dont want your pitty now

its too late you missed to much

what was right in front of you has withered away and is gone some how

ive tried to paint you a picture with the words you choose not to read

ive tried to speak my mind though you choose not to listen

oblivious, to you, me you can not to see

poetry is not what this is meant to be

venting simply helps me breathe.

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