Seeing is Believing

October 2, 2011
By xhayleyx PLATINUM, Westport, Indiana
xhayleyx PLATINUM, Westport, Indiana
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Everywhere I go
Do you see me standing there?
Past every corner

Do you see me there?
I watch you each time and think-
I want you to see

There could be more here
More than invisible lies
Would you see me then?

What if I were skinny,
What if I were prettier?
Would you see me then?

Could there be more here?
I want those eyes to see me
Yet it is so hard

Is seeing, loving?
Yes, yes the way I see it
At least, what I want

Seeing is loving
Love is so universal
Love is what I want

I just need a sign
Maybe if I were just seen,
I would believe it

Love is what I want
Seeing is believing right?
Can you see me now?

This is getting dull
How long have I waited here?
Why wait any more?

Come save me from here
I beg you, anyone, please
Don’t I deserve love?

I want to be saved
My knight in shining armor
Where is he right now?

I want to be seen
People see but do not see
Where is the real me?

I want to be loved
People love but do not love
Come find the real me

I’m by the corner
You go and walk on by me
Why can’t you see me?

What am I to you?
Am I just invisible?
No- I know for sure

This won’t last too long
I can only hope to shine,
In someone’s eyes too

I waited too long
Occupied my time for you-
You who did not see

I didn’t realize
Someone could be seeing me
Think- I could be loved

Now look for me here
Because seeing is loving
So come and see me

And come find me here
If seeing is believing,
Come believe in me

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for my Creative Writing class I took when I was in college

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