I Wish The World Was Blind!

October 2, 2011
By Posion.Ivyy. BRONZE, Spring Valley, New York
Posion.Ivyy. BRONZE, Spring Valley, New York
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Once the sweet compliments leave their lips I'm hooked like an addict to a drug. Feening for their approval of a misfit with a complicated past,I do what's necessary to become a picture of perfection in the eyes of my addiction. Dye my hair, skip a meal, change my style, becoming what they adore all the while losing myself. So I sit back and smoke my trees giving myself a second to set my mind free. Free to explore the emptiness which clings to my obsession. maybe it was the fight for attention I always lost when my dad was around or the want for a father when he was gone. Just maybe... But as I come down from my high I always realize my addiction has consumed me, without it what could I possibly be?

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece after my teacher gave us an assignment to right a poem about self esteem. I hope this opens people's eyes to the struggle and pain of peer pressure.

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