A Careful Consideration

October 2, 2011
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How, my friend, can you call your life bad?
Is the wind at your feet blowing sand to drive you mad?
Are you forced,
Like a child of early snow,
To pay homage to a world,
Which you may never know?

Do you sit at night and wonder at your next meal?
Are you lost in a prison,
Laying in wait for an appeal?
Do you have a loved one
Who doesn't know your face?
Are you lost in a cornfield,
On a path you can't retrace?

What do you do on a night when you are alone?
Do you sit and play games,
So comfortable in your home?
Have you got a place to sleep,
So cozy at night?
And when you go to bed,
Are you tucked in nice and tight?

Do you ever give thought,
To the faces you don't see?
Are they ghosts in the wind,
Trailing off like debris?

Have you ever heard the story,
Of those people you can't comprehend?
Do you talk about their fates,
With your wisest, closest friend?

How do you sleep at night?
I hope you sleep well,
For while you are safe, warm, and cozy,
They're in a living hell.

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