Across the Water

October 2, 2011
By KitKat94 GOLD, Anchorage, Alaska
KitKat94 GOLD, Anchorage, Alaska
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When I look across the water my eyes become like rain
I see a whisper of a breeze that was never really there
Sometimes I wonder if I ever saw it
And then I turn away

I can't avoid the water
It calls to me in spring anew
Holding me back from what's ahead
And keeping me there on the banks

When I see what's in the water the horrid sight envelops me
Everything that's there strikes fear into my heart
The water shows a horror so tempting to indulge
And yet it's just a fading thought fleeing on the wind

What about the water draws me so near?
Every time I see it things begin to crash
But I can't avoid the water
Everything is so clear

For what is seen in the water
Is unavoidable truth
The water shows a reflection
To which I stare down
And to me that reflection
Is scariest of all

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