Halftime Wonders

October 2, 2011
By GoddessofFlight BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
GoddessofFlight BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"now we have a firm grasp on the obvious"

Your at set on the football field

Sweat is accumulating in your form fitted uniform

Your instrument at the ready as you wait

For the drum major to start keeping tempo

Most of us don't show it but we're excited

After all the hard work this band

Put into their music during band camp

It was time to entertain the crowd with the

Power and wonders of our performance

Drum major counts off our tempo and the band

Begins, as we play, the horn line keeps the melody,

The drumline keeps the tempo, and the front ensumble

Has melody and tempo, together we play

And march in perfect unity.

As the final note is produced from our instruments

We end our performance, and the crowd is painfully loud

With all their roars and cheers, We are all panting feeling

As if we had just runned a marathon, but we are

Proud of our achivement, it is moments like these that make

All the hard work worth it, for we are the marching band

And we make it real.

The author's comments:
About Marching BAnd and how it feels for most of us band kids during a performance! GO BAND!

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