I am Autunm

October 2, 2011
By livelaughdance SILVER, Boise, Idaho
livelaughdance SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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I am yellow, orange, a priceless brown and crimson
I am falling leaves and shattered jars of glitter
I am golden moons and silver suns, gleaming with the clouds and stars
I am tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
I am green jackets and yellow boots
I am drops of color from an endless life
I am carefree children in the yard
I am sunshine in the church window
I am a walk in the park, just to see the empty swing sets
I am a lazy rocking chair and grandma’s old knitting needles
I am a wind that picks up lost memories at night
I am pencil shavings and eraser bits
I am kittens stuck in camouflage trees
I am popcorn and a romantic movie
I am statues at a museum in the late afternoon
I am a coffee shop and violinists outside
I am little girls spinning in the leaves
I am whiffs of cookies and pumpkin pie
I am hands on the colorful cups of hot cocoa
I am hugs and kisses, and handfuls of paper leaves
I am family time in the living room with cards and jokes
I am a warm fire beside the bookshelf
I am the warm quilt on her granddaughter’s bed
I am the boys in hats and gloves
I am Autumn

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