October 2, 2011
By Anonymous

I am confused
Lost in the depths of my mind
I feel scared
The world is on my solders
Or so it feels

Why did I find it
Hidden in plane sight
Did you want me to find it
Why me
To burden me with this pain

You were tasked to lead with example
To be my guide and teacher
Must I the student become you the teacher
But how can I teach a watcher
Someone of your power

I sit here and contemplate the consequences of remaining silent
A life saved...
Cast into the void....
But I know if I continue on my path
Blood maybe on my hands
Blood that stains the skin of my soul
And when my soul stains
And it will
It will slowly parish
Of my
And denial
Two facts that intertwine with my thoughts
As I move this vary pen

So I sit and wait
For a war that may never come
But I pray
That on that day
I will step out of denial
And Ignorance
But ignorance with denial is bliss
So I will bury this thought
This memory
Till death comes
And I will remember
Remember what I buried
And my soul will screech
A foul sound
Then the rain will come
And wash away the pain
The sorrow
And I will cry
A tear will fall from my eye
A tear of sadness
Of regret
And I will fall
And hit the ground as a rock would
And As I lay their
And think of my mistake
Of ignorance
Of denial
And I will die for my mistake
But my mistake is my final gift
Ignorance and denial can only hide the truth
Until the blood is on your hands.

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