Dancing In the Rain

October 2, 2011
You ask me, "What's a storm like?"
And i answerr you,
"The leaves dance around your feet
And the rain is ice cold,
Making dents in the sidewalk
For a split second.
Stray flower petals
Curve with the wind
And the thunder booms from the clouds."
You respond, "Can you dance in the rain?"
And again i answer, "No. You can dance with the rain.
The water that falls from the sky
Forms a person.
The leaves and flower petals
Are the beats, and rhythmic
Tunes you jig to.
The melodies you sway to
Back and forth.
Dark clouds will rumble in
And create a dark setting the color
of gravestones.
Sweet drops of water
Will splash your face,
Trickle off your nose,
And run over your lip
Forming a silent river."
"Well what happens when the rain stops?" you ask.
"When the sun finally threatens
to pop through the clouds,
you"ll make a truce
With the man made of water,
So full of life and simplicity,
you"ll wave, he"ll tip his hat,
And you will part separate ways,
Until the next dance you two share
Together in the rain."

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